Advertising Statistics

Mark Hurter

Paarl News Digital makes use of a e-mail delivery system to e-mail the Digital Newspaper to thousands of subscribers, all residents of Paarl and Wellington.

Our target market is the higher LSM income segment of reader with access to computers, Ipads, Kindle, all makes of tablets plus cellphone, all in order for them to read the newspaper. Furthermore, our fully interactive website caters for readers from all over the world, the website carries the latest stories and news, all concerning Paarl and Wellington.

Visitors to the website can also subscribe to the digital newspaper and their details will automatically be added to our growing subscription list. The newspaper can also be read on the website itself. Advertisers in the newspaper will have their adverts published under This Month’s Ads on the homepage of the website. Their details will also automatically be added to our Business Directory, absolutely FREE of charge.

Readership: 18 yrs - 55 yrs. 55% male - 45% female. 54% new visitors each month of which 45.9% returns again. Viewing time 4:13 minutes on average and 6 website pages browsed per visit. 67% of visitors are from the Western Cape, the rest spread across Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. 60.27 % of visitors are English speaking, the remaining percentage Afrikaans.