JMC Landwind - Here to Stay!

Mark Hurter

It was with certain trepidation that I recently took the offer of David Pieterse of Damon Auto in Paarl to test drive the JMC Landwind, I thought yes sure, why not, let’s give it a go.

Having test driven many vehicles and being a petrol head of note I could not help but be curious and also intrigued by this product on offer. Knowing well that the Jiangling Motor Corporation in China is massive and has been going for quite a while, I still thought ok, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and take their SUV called Landwind for a twirl.
I have to apologise. I am sincerely sorry. The Landwind is fantastic!

Not only does it look good and quite sexy it also performs like you would expect from a 1997 cc turbo motor with 140 kw and 250 nm on tap. I could not help but change down to second gear and motor my way out of corners, the brisk handling and sure-footedness in the corners bringing a smile even to my cynical self! 

The cabin is well-thought out; it curves around you and gives you a feeling of being inside and part of the car rather than sitting on top of it. The 6-speed gearbox was a pleasure to use, cruising at 120/km at 2500 rpm a breeze. One had only to change down from 6th to 5th to overtake, power is not an option, it is a given!
Ergonomics wise the panels all fit and were flush, even switching on the aircon made no noticeable dip in the power delivery of a very smooth and high revving engine. An engine I have to add, produced by Mitsubishi. That in itself should tell you a lot. Durability and long engine-life is another given.

Yes it comes with a cd-player sound system, 2 x USB port and the sound is not too shabby. Better than other Chinese vehicles I have tested. So no problem in that regard. Ok, there is no controls on the steering wheel but what stops you turning the volume knob like we used too? Also the aircon works like a charm, the on board temperature meter doing its bit to let you know what is going on outside the cool and well insulated cabin.

Stunning car, value at R290 000!