7 Skills to ensure an effective digital marketing campaign.

Having an efficient digital marketing manager is key to keeping a company’s marketing team on track and dedicated to achieving company goals.

1) Being in tune with KPI’s and conversions

Having the ability to understand and track KPI’s is key to digital marketing success. KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, are measures of performance that allow you to keep an eye on the success of your digital marketing strategy.

It’s important to note that different companies set different objectives and you need to be able to measure how your marketing strategy is contributing to achieving these objectives. An example of a KPI that is often used to track success is conversions. Conversion tracking is an efficient and effective way to see how well your strategy is performing.

2) The ability to take on the technical

Can you speak the language of Javascript, HTML and CSS? These technical aspects of digital marketing are required from the planning stage right through to the implementation of the campaign. It’s therefore important for you to have this technical talent so you can be hands-on in ensuring that this crucial detail of digital marketing
is fail-proof.

3) Having an inner creative

At some point in the journey of being a digital marketing manager, you will be required to write website copy, develop an email plan and contribute to a blog or e-book. In order to pull off these tasks -and make sure that others in the marketing team can execute them successfully - you’ll need to have some creative ability.

Not only will this contribute to the overall impact of the marketing campaign, it will also enable you to interact effectively with the relevant marketing team members.

4) Keeping up with SEO

As a marketing manager, you’re going to need a deeper understanding of the various forms of marketing - including social media and public relations. Keeping up to date with the basics of effective SEO strategy, will help you to achieve this.

81 % of people don’t search past the first page of Google. Implementing an effective SEO strategy into your digital marketing campaign will ensure that your brand shows up on that first page. This highly important aspect of digital marketing is very dynamic, and the way it works is frequently updated by Google. So it’s important to stay on top of things - constantly researching SEO guidelines and adapting your marketing campaign to be SEO-focused.

5) Embracing social media

Reaching out to your audience through your digital marketing campaign is hugely important. The best way to do this? Through an effective social media strategy.
There are currently over 2.206 billion active users of social media.This lucrative marketing tool can be used for a number of purposes - some of the most important being crisis management, brand awareness and lead generation. Social media bridges a gap between marketing and public relations and is widely accepted to be the future of marketing. Use it to its full advantage and expect campaign success.

6) Coordinating a team

There are many different role and types of people that make up a marketing team: from copywriters to strategists, social media managers and SEO specialists. You, as the digital marketing manager, are the connection between all of these people.
It’s therefore vital for you to have the ability of coordinating schedules, setting deadlines and ensuring that the team's goals are aligned with the company goals.

7) Putting together a strong strategy

As you have probably realised, digital marketing encompasses a variety of aspects and requires a diverse skill set. You are going to need to create a strong and detailed digital marketing strategy that reflects your knowledge of each type of online marketing. In order for this strategy to be effective, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of how each tactic contributes to achieving the company’s goals, so that you can implement those that are most important.

Refine this skill set and empower yourself with the ability to develop a holistic and effective digital marketing strategy.